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General Election

In the lead up to a potential General Election in 2024, Suffolk Chamber of Commerce is committed to advocating for the needs and interests of the Suffolk business community. We understand the challenges that local businesses have faced, particularly since the start of the pandemic, and the importance of clarity and support from their Parliamentary representatives.

Analysis of the most recent Suffolk Chamber Quarterly Economic Surveys show that many key business indicators (such as sales, orders, investment, cash flow, turnover and profitability) are generally lower than at any time since the start of the pandemic. 

With the election being a critical event that shapes the future of our economy, it is essential for local businesses to be well-informed about the potential impact on our business environment and ensure clarity as to what to expect from their local Parliamentary representatives over the next four or five years.

In the coming year, your Chamber looks forward to ensuring the Suffolk business communities' voice is heard and its needs addressed as we navigate the challenging economic landscape. This page will aim to provide you with an overview of the actions from the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and the expectations we have of potential representatives.

Follow the Chamber's LinkedIn page for the latest updates and news about the General Election.

Suffolk businesses: déjà vu all over again as activity levels and sentiment remain mixed

The latest Quarterly Economic Survey from Suffolk Chamber of Commerce suggests that the slight improvements experienced by the Suffolk business community in the three months to September 2023 may not indicate an upward trend, but rather a statistical blip.

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