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Quarterly Economic Survey

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce needs your help to help us better support businesses in the county! Our flagship Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) gives us unparalleled insight into the state of UK business and the health of the UK economy.

By telling us what is impacting on your business – we will be able to start doing something about it. 

The Suffolk Chamber QES feeds into the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) quarterly economic survey, the largest independent business survey in the UK and a significant economic indicator.

QES findings are a vital weapon in the BCC’s and Suffolk Chamber’s lobbying efforts because they are broken down to individual accredited chamber-level, making sure your voice is properly heard both nationally and locally on the issues that matter.

Suffolk's Quarterly Economic Survey Results 

Q1 2024 Results

The beginning of the end for the business doldrums?

Whilst manufacturers showed further slippage in a number of key activity indices, the service sector experienced a pronounced surge, albeit with a sting in the investment tail.

Q4 2023 Results

Mixed Sentiment and Activity Levels Persist in Suffolk Businesses, Reflecting Economic Challenges

The data for the fourth quarter of 2023 confirms the longer-term picture of a trading environment still some way off its post-pandemic peak – and one defined by a series of ongoing challenges.

Q3 2023 Results

Suffolk Businesses Enjoy Strong Q3 Rebound, But Uncertainty Looms: How Long Will the Prosperity Last?

Suffolk businesses – especially exporters – enjoyed surprisingly strong trading conditions across July to September, according to the latest results from Suffolk Chamber of Commerce’s Quarterly Economic Survey (QES).

Q2 2023 Results

Q2 Economic Survey Results Published - Hopes of Sustained Recovery Fade

In recent years, Suffolk’s economic performance has been a lead indicator in predicting later nationwide trends. That is why it is essential that policymakers in Westminster and Whitehall sit up and take note about these significant falls in the county’s export activities. This doesn’t augur well for an economic recovery anytime soon.

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