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Voice of Suffolk Business

empowering business growth and prosperity

Welcome to the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, the Voice of Business in Suffolk. With a rich history dating back to 1884, we have been supporting and championing the business community of Suffolk for over 140 years. Our main goal is to ensure the robust development of the county and hold decision-makers accountable for the benefit of economic growth and community cohesion.

As part of the British Chambers of Commerce, we are a grassroots, bottom-up, business voice organisation representing and supporting businesses in the Suffolk. We are proud to be the 7th largest Chamber in the national network by membership size, making us the largest non-metropolitan Chamber in the BCC network.

We are committed to representing and supporting local businesses in Suffolk.

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce recognises the importance of guidance, information and insights on local and national policies that may impact on Suffolk businesses. We publish briefings about what new policies can mean for your business. We also make sure that the voice of Suffolk businesses is heard when new policies are being prepared.

This constructive effort is an integral part of the Chambers' lobbying, public affairs and advocacy activities, creating working group for the key issues facing Suffolk business. Our current key priority areas are;

Members of the Chamber are invited to participate in the regular priorty events to focus and discuss the key priorities and areas in Place Forums and Thematic Groups based on the key priorities above. 

Suffolk Chamber has a significant reach into the local business community, accounting for over 130,000 business people. These businesses drive our strategy and services through their involvement in place forums and thematic policy and public affairs work. We focus on various areas, including transport and infrastructure, people and skills, net zero carbon reduction, economy, trade, social value, and equality, diversity, and inclusion.

In addition to our thought leader members, we engage with over 6,500 businesses across the county who choose to engage with us through networking events. We offer various opportunities for engagement, including events, international trade training, economic surveys, and information-sharing platforms. 

Our influence doesn't stop there. We collaborate with niche business groups and our projects, including supply chain work, which have a deep reach into the business community. We also extend our influence through partnerships with TechEast and Lowestoft Vision.

Our extensive reach provides us with valuable data about the Suffolk business community, enabling us to effectively communicate and engage with businesses throughout the county. We pride ourselves on being a grassroots, pan-county, and diverse organisation, representing the interests of businesses in Suffolk.

While our primary focus is local advocacy, we also have the ability to scale up our lobbying outcomes regionally and nationally through Chambers East and the British Chambers of Commerce. This allows us to have a larger impact on policy-making and decision-making processes that affect businesses.

While other business voice organisations exist, we believe that our extensive reach, diversity, and connections with local and global business communities make us a robust and influential organisation in representing the interests of the Suffolk business community.

Whether you are an established business or a budding entrepreneur, we invite you to join us and be a part of the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce. Together, we can drive economic growth, foster community cohesion, and ensure a thriving business environment in Suffolk. Find out more about joining the Suffolk Chamber.

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