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Export Strategy Planning

The purpose of an Export Strategy Plan is to prepare businesses to enter the international marketplace or to better organise their existing international business activity. The plan acts as a step-by-step guide to help the business navigate the exporting of goods and services to foreign markets. The plan's main goals are to address the problems that arise during the creation and application of an international marketing strategy:

Export strategy planning can help businesses understand the facts, constraints and goals around international trade. The plan can be used to create specific objectives, help decide on implementation schedules, mark milestones of success and become a motivation for the business to reach its goals.


Things to think about and consider when writing an export strategy plan:

  • Written plans give a clear understanding of specific steps that need to be taken and help assure a commitment to exporting over the longer term. 
  • Assess your current level of success and whether it’s in line with your expectations
  • Identify objectives and goals for your company in 5 years’ time
  • Keep it simple. As you develop the more information and insights can be added
  • Make it a flexible tool, modify the plan as additional information and experience is gained

For further information and support on export strategy planning, please contact our friendly International Trade team:

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