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140 Years Strong: Your Chamber, Your Legacy, Your Future in Suffolk Business

Celebrating Diversity, Shaping Tomorrow, Honouring 140 Years of Suffolk Business

For over a century, the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce has stood as the bedrock of our region's business landscape. Through 140 years of dynamic growth, challenges, and triumphs, your Chamber has been the steadfast champion of Suffolk's economic vitality and community resilience. Now, as we celebrate this impressive legacy, we invite you to be an integral part of shaping the next chapter.

Why is the Suffolk Chamber so vital? Your Chamber is more than an organisation; it is a driving force behind Suffolk Business success and the prosperity of our shared business community. Your Chamber provides a platform for collaboration, innovation, and collective strength. In unity, there is strength, and as a member, you are not just a participant – you are a key player in this shared success story.

Suffolk Chamber members are the heartbeat of the Suffolk Chamber, and we recognise that each business is a vital thread in the intricate fabric of our local economy. By being part of YOUR Chamber, you contribute to a network that is committed to mutual growth and support. Together, we amplify our voices, share insights, and create a resilient ecosystem that propels Suffolk businesses to new heights.

As we embark on the next 140 years, continue the legacy and join us in shaping the future. Your active involvement ensures that the Suffolk Chamber remains a dynamic force, advocating for your interests, fostering connections, and fuelling economic prosperity. Be part of the YOUR Chamber movement – not just for the benefit of your business but for the sustained strength of Suffolk's business economy and community.

Are you part of YOUR Chamber? Continue the legacy today – support your business, secure the future of Suffolk's economic landscape and be part of your Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, to continue to be the voice of Suffolk Business. Strength in numbers, power in unity – let's build a thriving future together!

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Over the coming year, your Suffolk Chamber of Commerce will be celebrating diversity, shaping tomorrow and honouring 140 years of Suffolk business with the C140 project. Watch this space. 

Please contact if you would like to find out more, take part, and have a story to tell!

C140 Exhibition Launch Gallery

The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce the successful launch event for the C140 Exhibition at The Hold in Ipswich. The event celebrated the Suffolk Chamber’s 140th year of business and marked the beginning of a two-week journey through 140 years of business evolution within the county.

Event: C140 Exhibition at The Hold in Ipswich

You are invited to the C140 Exhibition at The Hold in Ipswich

Podcast: 140 years

2024 marks the 140 years since the launch of the Chamber of Commerce in Suffolk. This landmark anniversary is being celebrated with a special project called C140. Join Suffolk Money's Colin Low, Molly Williams (Project Officer for C140) and Paul Simon (Head of Public Affairs) as they disucss the history of the Chamber, its work today and the importance of C140.

Website: new C140 website now live


Initiative Launch Celebrating 140 Years of Business Excellence

The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce is excited to unveil the ‘C140 Project’, an ambitious two-year initiative commemorating 140 years of fostering business growth within the county. This exciting endeavour aims to showcase the rich history and vibrant evolution of the Suffolk business community over the past century and a half, spotlighting the historical journey of the Chamber and its esteemed membership over the past 140 years.

With thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund and National Lottery players for funding and supporting us to do something really special to commemorate our anniversary with a lasting legacy of heritage.



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