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Economy Group

Suffolk Chamber’s Economy Group is both a forum for discussion and knowledge transfer and a catalyst to launch and monitor the organisation’s campaigns and lobbying over issues relating to fiscal and monetary policy.

Meeting twice a year, the Group regularly hears from expert speakers on topics such as Business Rates reform, the impact of interest rate changes and key points arising from Suffolk Chamber’s Quarterly Economic survey

The Group is a key element in the policy and lobbying work of the Chamber and outcomes of discussions often help feed into our wider engagement work with key stakeholders.

The next Economy Theme Group Meeting is 6th August 

Previous Economy Theme Group Meeting notes

13 February 2024 - Presentation by Jonny Haseldine; Presentation by Dr Kakia Chatsiou; Presentation by Steve Elsom

31 October 2023 - Presentation by Steve ElsomPresentation by Paul Sullivan

9 February 2023  - Meeting note


For further information about this group and joining please contact: Paul Simon

Suffolk Chamber Economy Group Drives Forward Economic Initiatives

As a crucial component of Suffolk Chamber's thematic policy groups, the Economy Group continues to excel in facilitating effective knowledge transfer, holding external policymakers accountable, and scrutinising initiatives while actively supporting the progress of relevant Chamber campaigns, member organisations and business community.

R&D Tax Reliefs - A Good System Gone Bad

A new report from Suffolk Chamber of Commerce suggests that recent changes in practice and personnel at HMRC and a ‘wild west’ regulatory system is undermining confidence and take-up.

Chamber R&D Tax Relief Report Reveals Systemic Issues Hurting Small Businesses

Your Suffolk Chamber is calling on the Government to urgently implement reforms to a longstanding tax relief scheme that is now hurting the very small companies it was set up to help.

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