The BCC is an authentic voice for British business and a leading commentator on the UK economy, drawing on a powerful network that represents business interests in Westminster, Brussels, and in every part of the UK. 

Accredited Chambers sit at the heart of local business communities, helping thousands of companies - of every size and sector - to grow and thrive. Together with our fast-growing global network, Chambers provide practical advice and support to British companies trading around the world. 

Chambers are also working to bridge the gap between the world of education and the world of work, helping businesses find the talent they need, and boosting the career prospects of young people.

Chambers help businesses connect, belong, and succeed. For over 150 years, our business has been helping UK business grow.


The British Chamber of Commerce expert business support is concentrated in five core areas: Global Britain, People and Work, Local Economy of the Future, Green Innovation, and Digital Revolution.

These areas have been carefully selected based on the Chamber's unparalleled insight into British and global business communities. Regardless of sector, size, or location, they strive to address the diverse needs in the modern business landscape.

Working closely with all Chambers, the British Chamber drives real change from the ground up. 


The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) is urgently urging politicians to take measures to boost economic growth in the UK.

The BCC's action plan, presented in their report titled 'The Power Of British Business: A Framework For The Future,' outlines 16 key policy requests in areas such as business planning, apprenticeship levy flexibility, UK-EU cooperation, and energy grid upgrades. After experiencing economic shocks over the past three years, BCC research reveals that the majority of businesses are not increasing their investments, with inflation and interest rates causing concerns. The BCC emphasizes the importance of collaboration between businesses and politicians, calling for a pragmatic approach to foster economic growth while ensuring that public sector projects do not hinder private investment. Shevaun Haviland, the Director General of the BCC, underscores the need for action and clarity from politicians to support British businesses in the current environment.

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CEOs of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), including Suffolk Chamber of Commerce John Dugmore, have penned a letter to the Chancellor urging decisive action in the upcoming Autumn Statement to address the longstanding issue of low business investment in the UK. Read the full letter to the Chancellor here


The British Chambers of Commerce is on a mission to empower British businesses to be the best that they can be. Hear from the people behind the news! Each episode Baroness Martha Lane Fox CBE, BCC President, will be joined in conversation with big names from across the world of business as they chat about trade, skills, economic growth and green innovation.