Customs Procedures & Preferential Rules of Origin

Customs Procedures & Preferential Rules of Origin: 

The course is separated into two sections.

In the first element, Customs Procedures – the course looks at the company's and the individual's legal responsibilities when declaring cargo to HM Revenue and Customs. The procedures involved and ways to save companies time and money when exporting/importing cargo are examined.

Attending the course will give delegates an understanding of the role of HMRC, rules of origin, customs procedures, the UK trade tariff and calculating duties payable.

In the Preferential Rules of Origin section the seminar will aim to provide a greater understanding of the Rules of Origin and preferences available for international buyers. It will cover topics such as the difference between Preference and Non Preference Origin; the rules around determining preference rules of origin and how to apply them.

Date for the above course:

14 June 2017 (click link to book)

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