People and Skills Group

Suffolk Chamber People and Skills Group

Reflecting the growing importance of the ‘human element’ in securing the county’s long-term sustainable prosperity, Suffolk Chamber of Commerce launched its new People & Skills Group (PSG) in June 2021.

The PSG is open to Suffolk Chamber members by invitation and currently includes representatives from a wide range of interested businesses, public sector organisations, all of the county’s FE colleges and the University of Suffolk.

The Group has a remit to both develop and support the delivery of the Chamber’s ‘People’ policy objectives contained in its manifesto and examine best practice from leading practitioners within and outside Suffolk.

The PSG focusses exclusively on four productivity-related themes:

  • Ensuring a smoother transition between the worlds of education and work for new employees
  • Improving the skills and development of established employees
  • Boosting the physical and mental health and wellbeing of all employees and business owners/management teams
  • Securing the maximum benefit to Suffolk of the skills uplift for major infrastructure projects in the county

For further information about the People & Skills Group:


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