Young Chamber Plus & Gold Members

The Royal Hospital School


The School has clear aspirations for its pupils. It seeks to promote the attributes of inspiration, challenge and leadership in its pupils. Pupils are encouraged to strive for academic excellence and to endorse the values of service, loyalty and commitments whilst upholding the School's unique and rich heritage. The School encourages leadership and a sense of adventure and self-discovery. A high priority is the promotion of service both within the School and to the wider community. The School aims to foster creativity and imagination within a civilised, caring, Christian community, based on high standards of behaviour, mutual respect, trust and courtesy between staff and pupils. The School cultivates a global outlook and sense of environmental responsibility. It aims to encourage pupils to develop fitness, wellbeing and enter into healthy competition." ISI Inspection summary (January 2015)

Easton & Otley College


David Henley - who became the college's Principal a year ago - developed his love of land-based careers from a young age on the family farm in Yorkshire. He has gone on to run three land-based colleges.

At Easton & Otley College, our subsidised coach network brings people in from all over Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex to study for great careers. As David explains, the future in land based industries is high-tech, high-skilled and highly rewarding.

East Coast College


Lowestoft sixth form college is a £25,000,000 purpose built college - science labs, art rooms, music and multimedia suites and performance spaces have all been specially designed to support student learning.