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Mental Health

Improving Workplace Health focus on mental health  

According to John Dugmore, Suffolk Chamber’s chief executive, “mental health affects one in six employees at any one time. Until recently, mental health issues have been given less attention than those around physical health and in many cases there remains a stigma about talking about such matters – and what businesses can do to help.”

The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development found that among those employees with mental health issues:

  • 37% were more likely to get into conflict with colleagues

  • 57% found it harder to juggle multiple tasks

  • 80% found it difficult to concentrate

  • 62% took longer to do tasks

  • 50% were potentially less patient with clients / customers

“These figures show the challenge of mental health illness to both those affected by such issues and to employers seeking to make reasonable adjustments. We hope that this campaign signposts businesses to the very many sources of authoritative advice and guidance” added John Dugmore.

Stuart Keeble, Suffolk County Council’s Director of Public Health and Protection said “Suffolk County Council is committed to improving people’s mental health, which is also a priority for all health and wellbeing organisations in Suffolk.

“This means focusing our resources to support people with lived experiences of mental ill health and employers who have a duty to ensure good health in the workplace.

“We know how hard it can be for most of us to raise a mental health issue that may impact on our work. That’s why this collaboration with local businesses is so important to raising awareness of mental health at work and why it is more important than ever to talk about it.”

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