Overseas Business Opportunities

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce recognises that obtaining timely and relevant information relating to overseas business opportunities, contracts or tenders can be an invaluable way to win new business and promote local companies overseas.

However, sourcing these individual opportunities can be time consuming.

With our partners we are working to promote business opportunities from a number of markets and sectors.

We will be updating this section regularly. Please do check back with us for the latest opportunities sourced from the Global Business Network, UKTI, EEN and other organisations.


Export Opportunities March 2017


A vocational college in Hebei seeks Higher education places for Chinese students https://portal.cbbc.org/business/330345

Indian company wants English corporate language training for centres in Delhi https://www.ukibc.com/business-opportunities/corporate-language-training/

Food, Drink and Agriculture

An e-commerce company would like to distribute well-known British brands of infant formula in China https://portal.cbbc.org/business/330521

Indian company is looking to expand their product portfolio with luxury foods from the UK  https://www.ukibc.com/business-opportunities/gourmet-food-drink-products/

A wine training organisation is seeking to introduce craft beer and spirits training in China  https://portal.cbbc.org/business/330606

Chocolates wanted by a Guangzhou company  https://portal.cbbc.org/business/330363

 Beer and wine for an importer in Changsha with an e-commerce platform  https://portal.cbbc.org/business/330157

An Indonesian food and drink company wants to import British sport nutrition bars and snacks  http://www.ukabc.org.uk/opportunity/sports-nutrition-snacks/

Thai manufacturer looking for distilling malt for spirits  http://www.ukabc.org.uk/opportunity/ingredients-alcoholic-beverages/

Retail holding company wants to import high-quality English tea  http://www.ukabc.org.uk/opportunity/english-fine-tea/

Cooking sauces for Thai supermarket chain  http://www.ukabc.org.uk/opportunity/sauces-for-food/

Tech and Digital

Big data technology companies required by regional government  https://portal.cbbc.org/business/329095

Ultrasonic testing instruments sought by Shanghai distributor  https://portal.cbbc.org/business/328294

Urban planning partnership, India  https://www.ukibc.com/business-opportunities/urban-planning-partnership/

Advanced Engineering, Manufacturing

Ball valves for a Beijing company  https://portal.cbbc.org/business/328975

Pollution control engineering design  https://portal.cbbc.org/business/330523

A science and technology academy is looking for UK partners to provide industrial design expertise https://portal.cbbc.org/business/330353

Indian company seeks UK bearings supplier https://www.ukibc.com/business-opportunities/bearings/

Importer and trader of packaging equipment wants different types of packaging machines from the UK https://www.ukibc.com/business-opportunities/packaging-machines/

Danish designer seeks manufacturer of wooden lamps https://www.enterprise-europe.co.uk/content/search/profiles/2017/03/06/BRDK20170109001-danish-designer-seeks-manufacturer-of-wooden-lamps/

Medical and Healthcare

Lighting technology for operating theatres  https://www.ukibc.com/business-opportunities/lighting-technology-operating-theatres/

Biomedical and infection control products needed by Indian healthcare company  https://www.ukibc.com/business-opportunities/medical-waste-management-products/

German medical technology distribution company is looking for highly innovative medical technology products and advanced R&D projects  https://www.enterprise-europe.co.uk/content/search/profiles/2017/03/09/brde20170307001-german-medical-technology-distribution-company-is-looking-for-highly-innovative-medi/


Personal care products sought in India https://www.ukibc.com/business-opportunities/personal-care-products/

innovative Israeli import and marketing company, seeks camping accessories and gas products  https://www.enterprise-europe.co.uk/content/search/profiles/2017/03/07/BRIL20170122001-an-israeli-company-is-keen-to-act-as-a-commercial-agent-of-accessories-and-parts-fro/

Retail holding company wants to import high-quality English tea  http://www.ukabc.org.uk/opportunity/english-fine-tea/

Please contact international@suffolkchamber.co.uk for further information or to discuss how you can make the most of these business opportunities.