Creating an Export Strategy

Creating an Export Strategy: 

So many businesses drift into export without any clearly defined strategy, and often without any planning at all. The course acknowledges that it is important to be able to be reactive to export opportunities, however by also having a proactive export strategy your company stands a far greater chance of achieving the international success it’s looking for.

This seminar is designed to help Managers examine their organisation and how exporting can form an integral and profitable part of their business. From deciding whether you are ready to export or indeed take on additional export markets, the course will also look at International Marketing Decisions, Market Selection, Market entry decision and pricing, Marketing mix, Organisation, Resources, Sources of help, Target market selection, Market research, Agents and Distributors - selection, appointment, other choices, Organisational Strategy and Commitments.

Date for the above course:

15 March 2017 (click link to book)    


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