A Certificate of Origin is a document which identifies the  manufacturing origin of goods being exported. 

These are normally issued by a Chamber of Commerce. It is sometimes required by customs in the buyer's country to determine tariff rates.

If any goods were manufactured overseas, evidence such as a commercial document will be required to be submitted along with any document being sent to the chamber.

European Certificates of Origin

European or EC Certificates of Origin will be requested by your customer for the use of customs clearance, payment against Letters of Credit or simply to comply with “quota requirements” of the importing country.

Should your customer require other documents to be stamped (such as a commercial invoice or packing list) this can be arranged if we are informed. Documents should display an original signature which matches the signatory sheet.

When submitting your European Certificate of Origin to the chamber, a commercial invoice must also be supplied. If the gross weight of the shipment is not displayed on the invoice, then a packing list with this information must also be provided. Names and addresses of the manufacturer should be displayed on the back of the pink page.  

Please contact for further information and assistance with this service, and how you can access it in person, by post, or by E-Cert. A guide on how to complete the European Certificate of Origin can found here.