Gender Equality in Business Pledge

Gender Equality in Business Pledge

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce believes strongly that a more diverse workplace will deliver better results for Suffolk and for Suffolk businesses.

If you would like your business to be recognised as a supporter of gender diversity in the workplace, we would like to invite you to sign up to our Gender Equality in Business Pledge.

The pledge outlines a set of commitments that organisations can use to assess where they are today, and to commit publicly their support for gender equality in the workplace by signing up to the Charter. These commitments include:

  1. Acknowledging and advancing equality in your business, in particular at board and senior management level

  2. Identifying a board level/senior manager sponsor for equality and charter commitments

  3. Removing any obstacles faced by employees

    a. at major points of career development

    b. in major points of life change, including (but not limited to) return to work post maternity/paternity leave  

    c. reviewing basic workplace provisions such as facilities, shift patterns, transport and flexible working

  4. Supporting equality and diversity through all staff training (including the identification of unconscious bias in the workplace and in recruitment) and as to how you engage with your staff

To find out more and to sign up please complete this form and email to


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