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Suffolk Business Women Manifesto

Suffolk Business Women has been part of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce since 2010. Over the last eight years, because of the investment in time and expertise from Suffolk Chamber, it has increased its membership from a few dozen to over 1500 women and men.

We exist to facilitate the contributions of women in business and wider public life to the economic and social prosperity of the county. We believe that a diverse business community that recognises and rewards talent and hard work is most likely to be a successful business community.

Through bespoke networking events and leading guest speakers, we seek to both inspire women to reach their full potential and encourage businesses to support greater gender equality.

Our manifesto seeks to achieve three things: to maximise the talent pipeline of women at all levels of business, to showcase and raise awareness of female entrepreneurial success stories and to offer the right environments for women to share their ideas and experiences with others.

In pursuing and achieving these objectives, we believe that there will be substantial benefits not only for individual businesses, but for the whole of the Suffolk business community as it seeks to deliver agile ways of working that attract new talent and inward investment.

To view the latest version of our manifesto please click here.

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