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A14 Growth Corridor Campaign Group

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, Suffolk County Council, Transport East and other partners are working together to promote investment the A14 Corridor to stimulate sustainable economic growth for the UK as well as Suffolk. 

The aim is to bring much needed investment to:

  • improve the rail junction at Haughley so more freight from Felixstowe can go buy rail rather than road
  • roll out 5G, which can be a game changer for businesses
  • increase the number of EV charging points
  • improve existing A14 junctions like the Copdock junction and thus reduce congestion, accidents and carbon emissions 

The A14 Growth Corridor campaign group has been charged with providing the local business perspective in lobbying for investment by government in A14 Growth Corridor improvements. The group is made up of local businesses from a range of market sectors, plus Transport East, the regional transport body, and is a task & finish group of the Chamber’s long standing Transport & Infrastructure Group (TIG), chaired by Steve Britt of Anchor Storage.

Steve Britt, explained that: “This group is all about the art of the possible – trying to nudge tactical projects over the line along the corridor from Felixstowe to the Cambridgeshire border that in turn improve our collective case for further infrastructure investment, not only road and rail but 5G and EV charging points as well.”

Find out more about the Transport & Infrastructure Group (TIG) here

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