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Development of new healthy workplace standards

Development of new healthy workplace standards

The Government’s Work, Health and Disability Green Paper: Improving lives outlined the national vision for work and health (including the role of employers). Duncan Selbie further highlighted the importance of health-enhancing employment and employer-led workplace interventions at PHE’s recent conference.

PHE actively promotes the use of workplace accreditation programmes to support employer-led workplace health and wellbeing activity. In 2014, we funded the development of the National Workplace Wellbeing Charter Standards and associated materials and topic guides. These are intended to be free for all organisations to use, however we are aware of recent concern about the use of these standards within specific provider schemes. We are actively seeking clarification on this point.

Given the emergence of new evidence and guidance in the area, and recent changes in provider position as mentioned above, we have decided to start a process to develop new national healthy workplace standards. This process will engage employers, local authorities, providers and academics to establish new standards based on the latest evidence and guidance. 

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