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Suffolk Chamber of Commerce Drives Sizewell C Supply Chain Initiative Forward with Inaugural 'Meet the Buyer' Events

In the wake of the official Development Consent Order (DCO) announcement for the Sizewell C Project, Suffolk Chamber of Commerce has been at the forefront of a groundbreaking initiative aimed at maximising opportunities for local businesses. In collaboration with Sizewell C, the Sizewell C Supply chain, part of the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, has embarked on a mission to ensure Suffolk's businesses are well-positioned to participate in this monumental project.

At the heart of this initiative lies the Sizewell C Supply Chain team, dedicated to efficiently managing opportunities for Suffolk businesses. This team provides invaluable support services, including the management of the Sizewell C Supply Chain website portal, where businesses can register and engage with potential opportunities.

The team meticulously maps the capabilities of businesses in Suffolk and the surrounding region against the specific requirements of the Sizewell C project, ensuring a seamless match between suppliers and project needs. Additionally, they actively engage stakeholders through events and steering groups focused on site operations and industrial partnerships, ensuring alignment with project objectives.

Continuous communication and information dissemination keep registered suppliers abreast of project developments and work package opportunities, fostering engagement throughout the project lifecycle. Moreover, the team brokers relevant business support services, enhancing Suffolk’s business community's involvement in this critical project.

As the Sizewell C project moves closer to construction, the partnership between Sizewell C and Sizewell C Supply Chain holds immense significance. With the Chamber's Sizewell C Supply Chain Team serving as the primary point of contact for businesses interested in engaging with the project, Suffolk's business community is poised to seize the vast array of opportunities it presents.

The recent launch of the tender portal on the 'Compete For' platform further streamlines the process, centralising all opportunities related to the build of Sizewell C. From concrete to catering, metal fabrication to transport and landscaping, the scope for diverse local companies to get involved is extensive.

With the inaugural 'Meet the Buyer' event series gaining momentum, the team continues to champion the growth and development of the local business community. Through strategic partnerships, steadfast commitment to localism, and advocacy for growth, the Chamber is paving the way for Suffolk's businesses to thrive in the Sizewell C project, contributing to the region's economic growth and sustainability.

Find out more about registering your business here and to keep up to date with the latest activity from Sizewell C Supply Chain

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