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Suffolk Chamber of Commerce Launches Initiative Celebrating 140 Years of Business Excellence

The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce is excited to unveil the ‘C140 Project’, an ambitious two-year initiative commemorating 140 years of fostering business growth within the county. This exciting endeavour aims to showcase the rich history and vibrant evolution of the Suffolk business community over the past century and a half, spotlighting the historical journey of the Chamber and its esteemed membership over the past 140 years.

The C140 Project focuses on four key themes: Diversity, Trade and Infrastructure, History and Heritage, and "The Future." One of the project's highlights, the "Celebrating Diversity" initiative, sheds light on Suffolk's diverse economy and fosters appreciation for its richness, paying tribute to the Chamber's dynamic legacy and its pivotal role in shaping the local business landscape.

Through a blend of in-person and online activities, including a dedicated website, social media updates, and features in Chamber member emails and local press, the C140 Project will engage the community and foster a deeper understanding of Suffolk's business heritage. C140 seeks to reflect on the past and guide the Chamber's path into the future, emphasising resilience, growth, and adaptability within the Suffolk business landscape.

Leading the charge on this monumental project for the Chamber, Yvonne Hargreaves expressed, "Our primary objective with the C140 initiative is to delve into our rich history and heritage while uncovering the wider impact of our endeavours on the business landscape, individuals, and economy of Suffolk. We're thrilled to commemorate its enduring legacy and share the stories of our Chamber and its members, leaving behind a lasting legacy for generations to come."

Throughout 2024, C140 will come to life through events and digital resources, culminating in a lasting tribute to Suffolk's business legacy.

The C140 initiative is proudly supported by funding from Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

C140 stands as a tribute to 140 years of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce's impactful journey, shaping the past, present, and future of the Suffolk business community.

Find out more about the Suffolk Chamber C140 project here

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