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Unlocking Suffolk's Potential: A Devolution Deal for the Future

Unlocking Suffolk's Potential: A Devolution Deal for the Future

Suffolk County Council stands at a crossroads, poised to embark on a transformative journey with the proposed devolution deal. This innovative partnership between the council and the government holds the promise of greater autonomy, enhanced decision-making powers, and a renewed focus on local priorities. We delve into the significance of the proposed devolution deal and its potential impact on Suffolk's business landscape.

Empowering Suffolk's Future:
At its core, the proposed devolution deal represents a significant shift towards local empowerment and self-determination. By transferring certain powers and funding from the central government to Suffolk, the deal aims to ensure that decisions about our county's future are made by those who understand our unique challenges and opportunities best—Suffolk's own residents and leaders. With newfound decision-making powers and control over funding in critical areas such as adult education, regeneration, and transport, Suffolk is poised to chart a course towards prosperity and sustainable growth. The prospect of controlling a £480 million investment fund over the next three decades opens doors to unprecedented opportunities for growth, innovation, and development.

The Role of Your Suffolk Chamber:
As a private sector, not-for-profit member led organisation and the largest independent, private business member forum in Suffolk, Suffolk Chamber is, in general principle, in favour of greater devolution of powers out of central Government and down to a Suffolk level.

John Dugmore, Chief Executive of Suffolk Chamber states, "The advantages could be many and include a greater speed of decision-making and a better understanding of local business needs." We are committed to advocating for the interests of Suffolk's business community throughout the consultation process and beyond.

“That is why we are supportive of the current devolution proposals which are a good first step in the right direction. We have been grateful to the leader of Suffolk County Council Matthew Hicks and his team for keeping us informed as to how the County Council’s thinking has evolved over the months and we would urge the business community to ensure that its voice is heard during the consultation period."

Business Voice:
As the proposed devolution deal enters the consultation phase, we urge the business community to seize this opportunity to make their voices heard. Your insights, concerns, and aspirations are invaluable in shaping the future trajectory of Suffolk. By engaging with the consultation, businesses have the opportunity to shape the future direction of our county and ensure that the proposed devolution deal reflects the needs and priorities of our vibrant business community.

Looking Ahead:
As Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, we remain steadfast in our commitment to advancing the interests of local businesses and driving sustainable economic growth. We will continue to forge stronger partnerships between local bodies, communities, and businesses. Together, we can address pressing issues such as the sub-regional roads network and pave the way for a brighter, more prosperous Suffolk.

The proposed devolution deal marks a pivotal moment in Suffolk's history, offering a unique opportunity to redefine our future. With greater autonomy and local control, Suffolk has the potential to unlock new avenues of growth, prosperity, and community empowerment. Suffolk Chamber stands ready to continue to support and advocate for the interests of our business community as we embark on this transformative journey towards a brighter future for Suffolk.

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