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“Suffolk Chamber of Commerce welcomes the ambitions and strategic timescales that underpin the 12 missions in the Levelling Up White Paper. 

“We certainly appreciate the decade-long range of the proposals, as this gives our members greater confidence that Levelling Up is a serious and strategic reset. 

“We are also pleased to note that the East of England has not been lumped in with the largely affluent London and south east regions, as that allows Suffolk and neighbouring counties opportunities based on the realities we face, which are not always understood on a Whitehall spreadsheet. 

“If Suffolk is given its fair share of these investments, then the county will truly be able to make a catalytic and enduring contribution to long-term national prosperity due to our incredible strengths in renewables, ports and logistics and the broader land-based economy. 

“To do this, Suffolk needs proper investment in the required infrastructure and skills to unlock our full potential. The prospect of a county deal, with more powers being exercised locally rather than from Whitehall could be a game-changer in accelerating Suffolk’s productivity drive and by releasing the full economic and social potential of our communities. 

“We very much look forward to working with the county’s public sector partners to ensure that the business voice is understood and listened to and to put the case possible to government for these spending freedoms.”

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