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Suffolk Chamber of Commerce Urges Businesses to Showcase Sustainability in Greenest County Awards

The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce is calling on all businesses across the county to participate in the prestigious Greenest County Awards, an initiative aimed at celebrating and honouring businesses championing sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Organised annually by Suffolk County Council, the Greenest County Awards shine a spotlight on exceptional accomplishments and innovative projects in various sectors, including manufacturing, agriculture, hospitality, and more. By recognizing the outstanding efforts of local businesses, these awards serve as a catalyst for inspiring and motivating others to embrace sustainable practices.

As an organisation dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship, the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce is proud to support the Greenest County Awards. We firmly believe that sustainability is integral to long-term business success. By adopting a green and responsible approach, businesses not only contribute to environmental well-being but also enhance their reputation, attract customers seeking eco-friendly products and services, and positively impact our community's overall welfare.

Through our sponsorship of the Greenest County Awards, we aim to strengthen our support for initiatives focused on environmental sustainability, showcase our members' achievements in this realm, and advance our collective knowledge of sustainable best practices. Building a sustainable future requires collaboration, and events like the Greenest County Awards provide a platform for businesses to forge meaningful connections, share expertise, and drive positive change.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Suffolk County Council for organising this impactful event and for giving us the opportunity to contribute as a sponsor.

To all Suffolk businesses, now is the time to showcase your commitment to sustainability. Enter your business into the Greenest County Awards today here. 

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