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Your office on any device

Your office on any device

Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service running in the cloud. This allows a user to run Microsoft Windows 10 and applications within it, such as Microsoft Excel, just through a modern browser over the internet.


“As Windows and the applications in it are being run on the Azure cloud server, not on the device, only images of how the screen would look are sent to the browser. This allows the system to be effective even on slow internet connections,” explains Chris Joberns, managing director at Strident.


In addition, the Virtual Desktop can run through a modern browser such as Safari or Chrome, allowing the user to run a Windows desktop on an Apple iPad or Android tablet, for example.


A secure environment 

Using Virtual Desktop, a user can move from one device to another and receive the same experience on every device. There is no need to download the device-specific versions of applications or link to cloud-based data storage systems.


“Software that may only be available on the Windows platform, such as Microsoft Access or Sage accounting software, can be used virtually on other platforms such as a Google Chromebook, providing much greater flexibility for remote workers,” adds Chris.


A Virtual Desktop is also a highly secure environment. The IT department can ensure that Windows software and applications, such as Office 365, are always up to date and because the business data is always held on the Azure cloud it is protected from vulnerabilities on the device. 


In addition, using Microsoft InTune in the Virtual Desktop environment can prevent data from being copied in and out of the system, ensuring business data stays within the business.


Easily add users

For businesses that have a large number of remote users or perhaps those on short-term contracts, Virtual Desktops can be deployed quickly without the associated hardware issues. Colleagues can use their own devices yet have full access to business resources in a secure manner.


“A business can easily scale up and down the number of users as it needs while retaining full control of its working environment and minimising capital costs. There is no long-term contract, you just pay for what you use,” says Chris. 


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Article by Strident Technology

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