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Why should we investigate accidents in the workplace?

Why should we investigate accidents in the workplace?

Serious accidents devastate lives, do we really want it to happen over and over again?

Accidents happen at home, at work, on the road. Most people will experience a minor accident at some point in their lives and probably wouldn’t want to repeat it.

An example of this that many of us can relate to is burning your hand on a hot pan when using an old pair of oven gloves. How many times do you burn yourself before you buy a new pair?

Accident investigation looks at what caused the accidents and gives us insight into how it can be prevented from happening again.

- This often involves human error, I knew the oven gloves had faded, but forgot to replace them.

- Or cost, I knew the oven gloves had faded, but did not want to spend the money to replace them.

Sometimes we come close to having an accident, feeling our hand get really hot and putting the pan down quickly - we call this a near miss, where no injury occurred. If however we learnt from this near miss and immediately replaced the oven gloves, we could have prevented the accident from occurring in the first place.

Just some of the benefits of accident investigation include:

  • Identifying causes of accidents and putting control measures in place to prevent reoccurrence
  • Gaining a better understanding of the risks associated with our work activities
  • Reducing the number of accidents resulting in financial savings such as insurance costs

Our latest course “Accident Investigation and Causation” provides anyone needing to investigate accidents with knowledge and practical methods to reduce error, influence behaviour and most importantly protect people.

Our next course is on Wednesday 12th April; for further information about this course or to book a place please contact our training team on 01394 389683 or

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