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UoS: 3D printing and prototyping facilities

UoS: 3D printing and prototyping facilities

University of Suffolk: OBJET500 CONNEX3 AND F370 PRINTER

Objet500 Connex3 F370 Printer

The Objet500 Connex3 brings agility and aesthetics to every stage of your product development and production. The Connex3 system was the first 3D printer in the world to simultaneously 3D print multiple colours and materials. It continues to lead the field with an even broader range of printing capabilities so you can create parts with the precision, look and feel of real production parts. Connex3 delivers incredible efficiency with the power to serve your diverse needs with one system. Multiple materials can be loaded at one time in the Connex3, enabling you to print parts that require a range of mechanical, optical or thermal properties like non-slip grips, transparent windows or flexible hinges. Fast, flexible colours can be printed directly from the colour information in your original CAD file. Produce smooth three-colour gradients, vivid multi-colour textures, sleek transparencies or milky opaque colours. No assembly required for parts 3D printed with multiple materials, so you can create custom jigs, assembly fixtures and tools with ultra-fine accuracy and smooth surfaces.

F370 Printer

The new Stratasys F123 Series is easy to operate and maintain, whatever your level of experience. It’s also proficient at every stage of prototyping, from concept to validation to functional performance. The F370 supports a range of capabilities and budgets for every stage of prototyping. And today’s most common CAD file formats can be imported directly into GrabCAD.

More complexity:The F370 allows for significantly more complicated model designs when compared to hobby level printers. The soluble support system and intelligent slicing software allow for more intricate geometry.

3D printing projects will be individually priced following a consultation with the team.

Please call 01473 338621 or email for further information

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