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Tourism Business Chat with insight6

Tourism Business Chat with insight6

What is customer experience? It’s the emotional connection that the customer has with a business. Better known as customer service, it’s more than just functionality – experience is about how people are made to feel. Judy is here to explain why this is incredibly important for tourism, leisure and hospitality businesses to focus on, moving out of the pandemic, and to secure their future past the initial frenzy of ‘being let out again.’

Judy has worked with food and beverage-based businesses for decades, from accountancy to marketing, from secret shopping to research & development (R&D). She is currently helping advise businesses on their brand reputation, which is the biggest risk to them moving out of lockdown. You don’t normally get a second chance at making a first impression, but for many leisure businesses, this is the opportunity they now have!

Judy walks Chris through exactly what the customer experience really is; how staff need to be encouraged to take ownership of this experience; and how a business’s values and strategy must be key in all decisions.

She highlights the need for a tweak on your USP – unique, small and personal; a focus on the three P’s: people, process and performance; how product knowledge is key; and remembering that your people are your biggest and most important asset! There is a difference between having a task and a role, and investment in your staff might be key for your good reputation!

Judy’s overall insights for, and message to, businesses in the sector is an important one not to be missed and is essential listening for anyone working at any level within the sector.

Learn more about the work Judy does with insight6 here.

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