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Tonights Menu features...

Tonights Menu features...

Never has food & drink seemed quite so important. Lockdown has brought us all a higher appreciation of home cooking and the supplies we want, need and love. The Fridge is under stress, the kitchen cupboards have been swept and we’re planning meals for the week ahead again. So many of us are home baking new recipes, experimenting with exotic curries and we now have more time to cook a full English breakfast. 

Cory Brothers love food & drink too. Handling the international supply chain of foods & drink: from avocado pulp, nuts and prawns to tasty fruit rolls and more. Your breakfast, lunch & dinner is likely to include commodities we handle for our customers. Ambient, frozen, tinned, tetra packed, loose or bulk, Cory utilise ALL methods and modes for supply chain using a global network of our own offices and agents. As a Nation of food lovers, we have a very international mix of favourite foods and ingredients, all of which are usually so available that we now take it for granted. We’re so used to the vast array of global foods within easy reach that even the major supermarkets have dedicated aisles stocked with these amazing options. Getting these international favourites into the UK and on the shop shelves present a few challenges that Cory Brothers manage regularly, being vastly experienced at handling so many different food, drink & ingredients.

 Cory Brothers Logistics division are renowned in this sector; dealing with major trade lanes, all types of pulses, grains, rice, produce, tinned goods and much much more. The food industry jargon even has a relevant “foody” twist! When importing or exporting produce, a Phytosanitary certificate is required, this is a document that ensures the product meets the right criteria to transport cargo to the receiving country. Applications are completed on the PEACH system – Procedure for Electronic Application for Certificates from the Horticultural Marketing Inspectorate! 

Planning and timelines are essential for the internarial transport of foodstuffs, drinks and ingredients. There is usually a sell by date involved at the very least. Temperature controlled foods are naturally very sensitive and we must ensure they are transported at the correct level and are not help up. Fresh fruit and vegetables have to carefully planned as much as Ice cream or frozen fish. If you are having issues with your international supply chain, we’d like to help. Please get in touch:


 Mike Bowden, Group Marketing Manager.

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