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Three new board members boosts Suffolk Chamber in Greater Ipswich

Three new board members boosts Suffolk Chamber in Greater Ipswich

The leading voice of business in Suffolk’s county town and the areas surrounding it has announced three new board members – all from major businesses in the area. 

Paul Ager, divisional port manager - east coast for ABP Port of Ipswich; Seb Blevings, general manager at John Lewis; and Serhan Ilker, general manager of the Novotel Ipswich have joined the board of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce in Greater Ipswich. 

Catherine Johnson, chair of Suffolk Chamber in Greater Ipswich said “firstly I would like to thank our three retiring board members - Sonia Colchester, Peter Dawes and Dave Muller - for their years of unstinting support for the Chamber and the wider business community. 

“Secondly, I’m very pleased that Paul, Seb and Serhan have agreed to become board members. Their involvement gives us an even broader representation than before. We now have a really good mix on our board of businesses of all sizes, across all market sectors and from both within the town and across its surrounding area, stretching from Woodbridge to Felixstowe.” 

Catherine outlined how all of the 14 board members had complementary areas of expertise, aimed at giving Suffolk Chamber in Greater Ipswich an even greater level of expertise and a distinctive voice in ensuring that a business perspective was always uppermost in guiding the many initiatives currently underway across Ipswich and its environs. 

“By looking through the lens of business, we can help our public sector partners to deliver the significant projects that will have a major impact on the economic viability of the greater Ipswich area. 

“In particular, I believe the proposals for the West Dock Island and the associated Upper Orwell Crossings could be a pivotal initiative in boosting the sub-region’s economic and social wellbeing.” added Catherine.

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