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The Smarter Drop Family Fun Day

The Smarter Drop Family Fun Day


On Saturday 9 September, Anglian Water is hosting a family fun day in Newmarket called The Smarter Drop

As you will no doubt be aware, it’s dry in East Anglia. We get a third less rain here than the rest of the country and we have a changing climate, which means heavy rainstorms, flooding and drought could all become more common in future. We also have rapidly growing towns, cities and businesses, a special natural environment and a booming farming industry that much of the country relies on for food.  All of these need water to keep them going.

Newmarket’s water and sewerage infrastructure is perfect for bringing in the best new ideas to help make water services smarter for customers for generations to come. We’re bringing in the best and brightest innovators and technology to make the water and water recycling network smarter.

We are working with more than 100 partners on 62 different projects to save water, fix problems before they happen, and help protect the environment. For instance, we’re already using a clever new sewer robot and drones with thermal imaging cameras to find hard to spot water leaks; smart meters have been installed at nearly 6,000 properties across Newmarket to help customers save water and money, and behind the scenes 3D models and virtual reality technology is helping us work smarter on large-scale engineering schemes. We’re cutting carbon, cost and congestion with our new mobile sludge unit, which has allowed us to more than halve the number of tanker journeys required; and we’re designing the house of the future with the aim of building it in Newmarket soon.

We’re bringing all this technology – and a fairground of fun! – to launch our Smarter Drop initiative in the town.

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