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The circular economy: Re-engineering makes both economic and environmental sense

The circular economy: Re-engineering makes both economic and environmental sense

Prior Power Solutions recently completed extensive re-engineering and refurbishment works to a skid-mounted cement pumping unit, keeping a crucial piece of equipment in the field as well as reducing costs.

No longer operational or fit for purpose for future exploration projects, Prior Power Solutions was commissioned to convert the unit, originally constructed on three skid frames, to a dual skid to reduce future transportation costs as well as refurbish it to full working order and bring in line with current safety standards.

Having been originally built in the early 1990s, the cement pumping unit is used for offshore high-pressure pumping of cement for supporting well casings for offshore drilling operations.

From Prior Power Solution’s base in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, extensive re-engineering was skilfully undertaken by in-house engineers to facilitate the arrangement of the whole unit on a dual skid, reducing the lifting weight of the overall equipment spread.

The level of re-engineering undertaken was quite remarkable.

A new, more efficient radiator was fitted on to the main power pack as well as a new acoustic box fitted and redesigned to incorporate new radiators. Custom built fuel tanks were designed and fitted to fit into a specific space window. This also eliminated the need for transporting an external fuel tank skid with the spread.

New slings were required to account for the new weight distribution of the unit and ergonomic adaptations were made to the unit to improve comfort, safety, and practicality for both operator and maintenance personnel.

Due to its age, replacement parts were difficult to source and instructions for maintenance were either limited or not available at all.

However, utilising the wealth of experience in the workshop of different fields and backgrounds maintenance on all constituent parts was performed and suitable replacements carefully sourced.

James Pendle, Project Engineer, explains the benefits of the re-engineering of the unit, “Most importantly, the life of the unit has been extended. Not only does this make economic sense, as we estimate this saves somewhere in the region of 30-40% compared with a new build, but a valuable asset remains in vital service.

“Environmental savings don’t stop there” James continues. “The transport of a smaller, lighter weight unit decreases environmental impact – as well as transportation costs.

“Additionally, by eliminating obsolete parts, including the hydraulic drive system, the unit no longer requires regular replacement associated parts and fluids, therefore reducing waste and ongoing maintenance costs.”

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