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Surviving Winter Appeal

Surviving Winter Appeal

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to have a profound impact on all our lives, we perhaps have a greater empathy than ever before for what it is like to feel vulnerable, lonely and isolated. At this time of year, thoughts inevitably turn to the coming months and the impact that shorter days and colder nights have on the health and wellbeing of older and vulnerable people. 

With winter almost upon us, Suffolk is bracing itself for a dramatic increase in individuals and families needing support. Last year our annual Surviving Winter Appeal raised enough money to heat over 1,000 homes and connected hundreds of vulnerable people to other services to help tackle isolation, other physical and mental health issues caused by poor living conditions, debt and a general lack of access to services that could improve their lives.

This year, we are expecting more people to need our help than ever before, so we are merging Surviving Winter with the central Rebuilding Local Lives initiative. We hope that this action will deliver a much louder and easily understood central message that will increase local giving to ensure that every older or vulnerable person in our ‘Caring County’ is supported to ‘Stay Warm, Stay Well and Stay Connected’.

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, Chief Executive, John Dugmore - supporting the initiative:

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