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Suffolk launches top honour – The Suffolk Medal

Suffolk launches top honour – The Suffolk Medal

Suffolk is to have its own medal and recipients can be nominated by any resident. The public are being asked to get involved to ensure that The Suffolk Medal is the most prestigious award that the whole County can bestow upon one of its own. Nominations will be considered by a team formed of Suffolk leaders.

To find out more about the medal, and to nominate, visit

An idea of the High Sheriff, George Vestey, the first silver medals have been designed by Suffolk-born, world-famous artist Maggi Hambling. 

History chooses who it remembers and the most celebrated figures over time rise to the top without election – John Constable, Sir Bobbie Robson, John Peel, Benjamin Britten, Sir Alf Ramsey, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Sue Ryder and Thomas Gainsborough may well have been worthy recipients of the medal, were they around today.

The Suffolk Medal will help reward those that Suffolk people want to celebrate in the now, but it will also ensure that we play more of a part in actively shaping our own history in the future. The medal itself and the story telling around the medal will guarantee that more key people who were responsible for Suffolk’s most amazing moments are celebrated as are those who are the catalysts for addressing and solving our challenges.

Suffolk’s High Sheriff George Vestey came up with the idea, but very quickly found a very willing group of supporters from across Suffolk who could clearly see its value.

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