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Suffolk Chamber media statement: Project Speed

Suffolk Chamber media statement: Project Speed

John Dugmore, chief executive, Suffolk Chamber of Commerce:

“Build, Build, Build is a good headline, but unless the A14 in Suffolk - Britain’s Premier Trade Route, is specifically upgraded to support the country’s international trade push, then UK exporters and importers will be left disappointed by the Government’s rationale.

“Linking the Port of Felixstowe to the Northern Powerhouse and the Midlands Engine, the A14 in Suffolk is the equivalent of a country track – and not fit for the UK’s free trade future.

“The Suffolk Chamber-led campaign to address seven key pinch points along its route and its elevation to an expressway achieved a partial success earlier in the year when the Copdock Interchange was earmarked for possible investment from 2025.

“Unless this spending is brought forward to the present day and the other junctions included, it will be a wasted opportunity and the question will be asked When? When? When?”

Article by Suffolk Chamber