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Suffolk Chamber chief: stability, clarity, action and leadership the watch-words for local firms

The voice of business in Suffolk has urged national and local politicians to listen closely and carefully to the needs of the business community as the impact of Thursday’s vote for the UK to leave the EU is absorbed and understood. 

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce chief executive, John Dugmore said: “Businesses across Britain, including those in Suffolk, want a steady stream of communication from the Government and the Bank of England, with stability, clarity, leadership and action the watch-words for firms. 

“So far, the priority for the Chancellor and the Governor has rightly been the question of stability, as markets and firms digest the electorate’s decision.

“However, attention swiftly needs to turn to delivering clarity. While it is prudent for the UK Government to delay firing the starting gun on negotiations with the European Union, firms want a clear timetable, and simultaneous action to support the wider economy. 

“The big decisions already made that will directly impact on our county – on the Ipswich Wet Dock, the third Lake Lothing Crossing in Lowestoft and rail infrastructure projects aimed at reducing travel times to both Norwich and Ipswich need to followed through – and even brought forward - to stimulate the real world economy. 

“Furthermore, since Suffolk and the East of England as a whole is a net contributor to the Treasury we are also pressing for an early announcement on the East Anglia Rail franchise and our high expectations regarding the next stage of the Government’s Roads Investment Strategy (2020-2025) especially as it relates to much needed upgrades to the A14, A11, A12 and A47”. 

Suffolk Chamber president Sarah Howard MBE added “the decision to delay a post-referendum budget must not be a convenient excuse for ministers to duck these important choices. Action and momentum over the coming months are vital to stoking the embers of business confidence and these investment quick wins can help achieve that in our county and beyond. 

“Suffolk Chamber is looking for leadership from both national and local politicians to ensure that they do not put politics before the needs of businesses. The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) – of which we are a part – is writing to political leaders today conveying these messages and we are looking to build on our excellent relationship with the seven Suffolk MPs and our council leaders to contribute to the kind of leadership most needed at present”. 

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce is asking its members to contact them with any questions they may have as to the implications of the Leave vote or to do so via the BCC’s hashtag #askyourchamber.

Article by Suffolk Chamber