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Suffolk Chamber’s reaction to the Spring Statement

Suffolk Chamber’s reaction to the Spring Statement

John Dugmore, chief executive of Suffolk Chamber: “the Suffolk businesses community will be encouraged by the Chancellor’s report on the UK’s improving fiscal health, with lower projections for the deficit and falling national debt.

“Yet as deficit and debt levels improve, we would urge that the Chancellor resists calls to pour money into politically-attractive, short-term spending priorities. Any headroom the Chancellor has must be used to leave a lasting mark on the UK’s infrastructure and to attract investment.

“A far stronger push is needed to fund and fix the fundamentals here in the UK over the coming months including improvements to our digital connectivity, further road and rail improvements, and the strengthening the UK’s energy security. Give businesses the tools to do the job – and they will create the wealth that in turn funds the social benefits we are all looking to deliver for this and future generations.”

Article by Suffolk Chamber