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Suffolk Chamber’s initial response to the Autumn Budget 2017

Suffolk Chamber’s initial response to the Autumn Budget 2017

John Dugmore, chief executive, Suffolk Chamber of Commerce:

“At first glance, this looks like a solid, tactical budget for business.

“Companies in Suffolk will be encouraged by the Chancellor’s focus on some of the key business basics - rates, roads, and mobile connnectivity.

“Suffolk Chamber is especially pleased with the decision to peg business rates increases to CPI, rather than the higher RPI, but much more needs to be done to reform this up-front tax on our county and nation’s entrepreneurs. We and the whole of the British Chambers of Commerce have been campaigning for wholesale reform and that effort will continue.

"We welcome commitments to delivering road and rail infrastructure, including that between Oxford and Cambridge which may well have a positive impact on Suffolk firms and plans to improve mobile phone signals on key transport corridors, which we hope will include the A14.

“Despite the inclusion of a number of announcements that will support business communities in the short term, more still needs to be done over the coming months to lay the groundwork for a longer-term prosperity, including a successful Brexit transition and an Industrial Strategy that unlocks our county’s capacity for innovation and hard work.”

Article by Suffolk Chamber