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Steps & Ladder Training

Course Outline

A brief description of the course;



·         Choice of position

·          Ladder stability

·          Erecting a ladder

·          Securing a ladder

·          Climbing a ladder

·          Working from a ladder

·          Ladder inspection


·         A stepladder may appear to be safer than a leaning ladder, but every year many workers are seriously injured or even killed when they fall from a stepladder.



A brief description of benefits and advantages to be gained;


·         Covers all industries: e.g. construction, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, maintenance, warehouse etc;

·         Work at height should be:- Properly planned; Appropriately supervised; Not carried out if weather conditions jeopardise health and safety

·         Those working at height and planning the work, should be competent, or if being trained supervised by a competent person

·         Work in any place from which a person could fall a distance is liable to cause personal injury.

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