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Step Up, Your Recruitment Strategy

Step Up, Your Recruitment Strategy

Young people (aged 16-24) are spending 3 weeks at Inspire Suffolk, gaining knowledge and developing their skills for a career in retail.  They have been hand-picked for the latest Step Up programme as they have shown that they are job-ready, motivated and have an interest in the retail industry.

Inspire Suffolk values collaborations with local businesses in the delivery of Step Up programmes and is looking for companies, big and small, to lend their support. Whether it’s delivering a workshop, offering work placements or simply a tour behind-the-scenes, every experience is valuable and holds the potential to spark the imagination of the next generation.

Recently, Inspire Suffolk worked closely with MSC on a Step Up: Shipping and Logistics programme. Not only did it provide an amazing opportunity for unemployed young people to learn new skills, but two members of the programme are now completing apprenticeships at MSC.

Carl Shemming of MSC said, “Upon my visits to Inspire I was impressed with the young people’s passion and drive to learn and understand what we do at MSC. It’s been a few months now and I can already see the difference in those working with us. Both have been through some tough times but are a great example to anyone that you can change your life around if you want to.”



Step Up is a 2-3-week programme that gives young people an opportunity to gain industry-specific experience and get a taste of life working in local businesses. Each Step Up programme focuses on a sector – such as retail, construction or shipping - and aims to give young people, who are motivated and eager to learn, an opportunity to gain experience and knowledge they might otherwise have been unable to access.

Through Step Up, young people learn from within local companies and grow their skills and confidence. It’s a great chance for employers to pass on knowledge, see candidates at work and recognise abilities beyond those listed on their CVs.


As an employer, you could benefit from a partnership with, or participation in, a Step Up programme in a number of ways:

·         Broaden your recruitment scope and strategy

·         See potential employees in the workplace before interview

·         Start to mould potential employees according to your company values

·         Inspire young people to buy in to your industry and organisation

·         Gain positive public relations

·         Promote your company values to more young people

·         Incorporate Step Up into your existing recruitment process or as an addition

·         Promote Corporate Social Responsibility

·         There is no cost to your company! (Apart from a bit of time and energy)

Step Up helps bridge the divide between local businesses and local community by empowering young people are currently not in employment, to develop skills, find work or continue their education. This, in turn, helps to improve the economy, prosperity and well-being of our local area.

Inspire Suffolk are always looking for organisations who are recruiting and can support young people with valuable experience.  If your organisation is currently recruiting, or likely to be recruiting in 2020, please get in touch.


Please contact Peter Robinson on 07595 218798 or

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