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Spring wins place on government framework

Spring wins place on government framework

Providing a regional network, we will now be eligible to bid for and deliver government campaigns, using our specially developed hyperlocal approach to engage and mobilise communities.

Communities are the social fabric of our nation. Alongside Spring, all the agencies in the network have a proven track record in regional consultation as well as national brand campaigns. This creates a unique national communications offer for organisations or brands looking to reach stakeholders and consumers across the UK.

Our network partners include Freshfield in the North West, The Karol Marketing Group in the North East, purplefish in the South West and Plinkfizz in the Midlands.  Find out more at

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Spring is a strategic, creative and innovative agency that deploys extraordinary vision to transform our clients’ businesses and brands.

Our dynamic and progressive team, headquartered in Southwold and with outposts in London and at Ness Point, allies bold strategic leadership with a formidable creative imagination.

Spring’s creative resources include graphic designers, film-makers, writers, photographers, experience managers, bloggers and social media experts, communications advisors, 2D and 3D designers, illustrators, web developers and creative strategists.

Our work leaves an impact on those who experience it that goes way beyond a simple message. Every assignment we undertake is designed to increase our clients’ brand loyalty, profitability and stability.

Projects follow Spring’s ThreeSquare Marketing Programme, which is designed to focus everyone’s minds on setting and achieving measurable business targets, pinpointing consumer triggers and growth opportunities, and delivering outstanding creativity in a controlled and productive way.