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Special episode - Men's mental health

Special episode - Men's mental health

To start season 5 James and Mark respond to a specific listener request to chat about a very important topic; men's mental health. They share their personal experiences and offer ideas and practical tips to help promote better mental well-being (which are applicable regardless of gender). As usual, they sprinkle the episode with references to a mix of credible authors and speakers, along with some light-hearted musical links!

Special thanks to Louise Newby at Three Eggs Training for inspiring this episode. If you would like to learn more about the work Louise does with Three Eggs, you can visit their site here.

To jump to a specific top tip skip to the below:

03:08 Tip #1: Buddy systems

14:20 Tip #2: Journaling

21:08 Tip #3: Positive Role Models

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