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Petaurum Local is coming home to support East Anglia’s SMEs

Petaurum Local is coming home to support East Anglia’s SMEs

Coming home to support East Anglia’s SMEs

Let us introduce ourselves. We’re Mark Dyer and Adam Davey and through Petaurum Local, we’re delivering straightforward HR advice and support to East Anglia.

We have launched Petaurum Local to guide Suffolk’s dynamic and growing SME business community through professional HR solutions. We’ve been involved in HR, with a range of national companies for years, but are now making the return to East Anglia, where our roots are.

So, whether you’re starting up, growing or facing change in business, we can support you to make the right HR decisions.

Mark explains that the focus on growing their businesses means that many SME owners encounter unforeseen HR issues from time-to-time.

“We have seen many small businesses who succeed and grow rapidly, then come across problem after problem with their people,” Mark explains. “Based on a real-life client of ours, who downloaded an employment contract from the internet, we can see how quickly things can go wrong, and that’s where we help out.”

Petaurum Local is encouraging Suffolk SMEs to sign-up to the company’s website,, to receive free updates, advice and to learn a little more about Mark and Adam’s unique approach to helping SMEs.

Mark concludes: “We want to understand what makes a business unique, and what makes them tick. Sometimes the issue that we’ve been asked to address isn’t the cause.

“For us, it’s getting businesses to realise that investing in their people, and a robust people plan linked to their business plan, will drive better performance.

“If you ignore things and wait until something happens, it costs time, effort and money and potentially damage employee relationship and business performance.

“Other providers wait for you to have a problem, sort it out, then stand back. We want to get ahead of the game – who’s starting the fire, not just putting the fire out as and when.

“We bring a local proposition including a whole host of networks that we can help East Anglian SMEs to connect people through.

“We’re coming home to Suffolk East Anglia’s SMEs.”

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Whether you are starting out, growing or facing change, we can support you.


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