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In the first episode of the new series, viewers will watch as Gregg Wallace visits Soreen’s factory in Manchester. They will also see Cherry Healey’s exclusive access around the maltster’s Stowmarket headquarters as she learns how its quality malt ingredients play a critical role in the malt loaf’s classic taste and famous texture. 


Filmed while observing the social distancing guidelines of December 2020, George Irving, Maltings Manager at Muntons, shows Cherry around the facilities. George explains the manufacturing process and the importance of sourcing the very best tasting malt. Muntons then delivers the malted ingredients to the malt loaf factory in Manchester, where Gregg is waiting.


The episode focuses on the British treat’s production and history and features drone footage of the Stowmarket site, taken by Muntons’ homegrown Engineer, James Robinson. 


Ahead of the broadcast, Managing Director for Muntons, Mark Tyldesley said: “We’re looking forward to the new series of Inside the Factory and in particular this week’s malt loaf episode. It was a tremendous honour and an exciting opportunity to be included, and to welcome Cherry and the TV crew to our site certainly created quite a buzz within our teams!”


Muntons, which turned 100 in 2021, produces high-quality malted ingredients for Soreen and some of the most famous and well-loved food and drinks brands around the globe. 



The popular TV show first aired in 2015 and showcases the ins and outs of some of the nation's favourite food and drinks products. Inside the Factory – Malt Loaf, airs on Wednesday 5 January at 9 pm on BBC2.

Article by Muntons Plc

For 100 years, we’ve been producing high-quality malt and malted ingredients for some of the most famous, and well-loved brands around the globe. You’ll find our headquarters in the bucolic surroundings of Stowmarket, Suffolk, and our other production sites in Yorkshire and Thailand. We also have sales offices in Asia, Europe, and America.

It’s safe to say that with customers ranging from multinational food and beverage producers to craft brewers and distillers, you’re likely to have tasted our products already, without even knowing it!

We're passionate about malt, and pride ourselves on delivering enjoyment to people’s lives by creating more of what they love while raising the bar as the leaders of sustainability in our field. In 2021, we continue to look to the future and celebrate our past as we turn 100!