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Microsoft Announce End of Life for Windows 7 and Server 2008 Support

Microsoft Announce End of Life for Windows 7 and Server 2008 Support

Microsoft will no longer update or support the Windows 7 operating system after January 2020.

Recent reports suggest that up to 39% of all PCs still run this operating system, which has been in ‘extended support’ since January 13, 2015. As a business owner it’s often a hassle to tackle updating your internal systems, particularly if technology is not in your comfort zone, but software is no different from your premises or equipment. It ages and needs to be upgraded. 


Microsoft work hard to keep their systems live but as with all operating systems, after a while it doesn’t make sense, financially or efficiently, to keep old software patched and updated, especially when there are newer versions of the software out there.


Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 in 2015, which meant new features stopped being added, and warranty claims were no longer valid. They have still patched and updated to make sure security issues and bugs are fixed, during the extended support phase, but that will soon end and Windows 7 will enter its End of Life phase early next year.


So it’s time to stop thinking about finally moving on from this favoured operating system, and actually get it done!


That’s where we can help. ICO Systems offers IT support, for both hardware and software. But lots of companies can offer that, so what make us different? We were asked recently what our USP is. We asked our team and our customers and the response was simple – customer care! 


We work hard to support our customers, across Suffolk and East Anglia, so they experience minimum downtime with maximum support to make sure any changes are handled in the best way for your business.

To get things started we run a free IT audit to establish the scale and complexity of your project. From there we focus on what apps you currently use, how compatible these systems are and and how performance will be affected. To minimise disruption we get to know your business, we ask questions like; are your systems running 24/7? Do you have part time staff whose availability may need to be factored in to the project time line? Are there quiet periods? We fit around you.


It’s our job to make your job simpler!


About ICO Systems. We Are A Trusted Microsoft Provider.


ICO Systems prides itself on being a reliable and experienced solutions provider with the skilled technicians you need for managing the data migration, new equipment installation, and even the disposal of old equipment. You can have peace of mind knowing your old data will be securely erased and destroyed.


To find out how our free Suffolk Chamber Member IT audits can help you make an informed decision about your ongoing IT strategy please call Geoff Rich now on 01473 211330.

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