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Meet The Guardtech Directors – Operations Director Conor Barwise

Meet The Guardtech Directors – Operations Director Conor Barwise

Name: Conor Barwise

Role: Operations Director

Years with Guardtech: 15


Right then, Conor, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself!


Conor says: “I was born in Liverpool, raised in Derry, and I’d like to think I can be similar to the river Mersey or Foyle; often appear calm but both have a tidal flow and therefore can be a turbulent force of nature. I give my everything to any task whether in work or at home. If I’m not throwing myself into a project at work I’m tackling a DIY project or coming third in the world in Fantasy Premier League (used up all my Irish luck in that one…). I am blessed with a beautiful and loving family that keep me on my toes, but also offer the rare and much-needed moments of peace.”


What does your role as Operations Director entail?


Conor says: “I oversee all project activity, often taking a lead role in managing our more critical and complex projects. I am responsible for the management of our HR, H&S and Quality Systems. I will also sometimes be involved in early design and commercial stages as required.”


What do you love about your job?


Conor says: “The variety. No single day is ever the same and never mundane. The industries we work with, the challenges we face, the ever-increasing opportunities in an evolving world; it all adds to an interesting journey every time I open the laptop, answer the phone or get in car.”


What’s the most challenging thing about being an Operations Director?


Conor says: “Personally, I struggle with delegation and ‘letting go.’ I often hold on to ownership of many projects and tasks with the hope and intention that I can lead by example. However, I should often accept that it’s better to reassign certain tasks to enable others to maximise their potential.”


How would you describe Guardtech Cleanrooms to someone who knows nothing about the business?


Conor says: “A team of approachable, hardworking and flexible problem solvers. Guardtech has been, and always will be, client focused and go the extra mile to achieve a common goal.”


And finally… if you were a piece of laboratory furniture or equipment, what would you be – and why?


Conor says: “A balance table. I absorb the shocks and vibrations from projects and provide the stability and control the team needs to succeed.”


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