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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Clinic

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Clinic

What is the Manual Lymphatic Drainage Clinic?

This service is led by Emma Harvey Lawrence of Woolpit Complementary and MLD Practitioner Tracey Nunn. It offers specialised treatments and supports those who are diagnosed with Lymphedema and Lipedema. It is also designed to help those who may experience swelling after surgery or in day-to-day life, without a diagnosis.

Do you feel as though your arms or legs are heavy and/or swollen? Is it sometimes difficult to wear items of clothing or jewellery which would usually fit? Do you experience swollen limbs after flying? Have you been diagnosed with Lymphoedema or Lipedema?

If the answer is yes, to any of the above, this clinic may be able to help you.

Fluid accumulation can occur for a number of reasons and MLD is an NHS approved treatment for reducing the build up of fluid caused by the lymphatic system. MLD gently encourages lymph drainage through lymphatic vessels in the body to reduce swelling and discomfort in areas of the body as well as ensuring good circulation of the lymphatic system.

Our MLD clinic cannot diagnose but it can help you understand and manage your diagnosis or symptoms and ensure you get the support you need.

There are numerous pieces of research which acknowledge the therapeutic practice of MLD and show that it can be beneficial for a number of health issues. If you’d like to find out more, you can call us on 01359 408 011 or visit the Your Health section of our website.

What to expect

This clinic has been designed to offer:

Lymphatic hosiery - Woolpit ComlementaryA drop-in service Pop in for a free consult to discuss your health concerns. We’ll advise what might work for you. You may have a short wait but you can call in advance or enjoy a complimentary cup of tea or coffee while you wait. This is free.

Assessments 30-minute assessment sessions can be booked in advance and will include advice and simple self-help techniques. Price is £15.

Measurements and re-ordering services (for existing clients only) Tracey can provide 20-30 minute sessions for measurements and reordering of hosiery and help find the right type of hosiery for you. There are a number of options to choose from and you will be able to look at samples at the same time. Price is £15 and hosiery is priced separately. 

Manual Lymphatic DrainageMLD Treatment 1 hour treatment sessions are also possible and if required, for the same price, you can also combine this with a measurement service too. Price is £45 (with or without measurement service).

Nutritional Fact File You can take away a nutritional fact file compiled by Emma with the latest research in food and the lymphatic system. As lymphoedema and the symptoms of lymphoedema have a diverse aetiology, this information is broad in recommendations and intends to help appreciate the lymphatic system and healthy eating generally, rather than specify a diet plan. This is free.

Please feel free to contact us on 01359 408 011, if you have any questions.


Meet the Practitioners

Tracey Nunn


Emma Harvey Lawrence

Emma Harvey Lawrence


Who do we work with?

It may be necessary to contact your GP, with your prior consent, to ensure that you receive the best possible advice and care. It may also be possible to request for certain hosiery prescriptions through the NHS which will also involve writing to your GP. This is always done within our ethical guidelines and boundaries of confidentiality.

Sadly, this service is not recognised by private health insurers.


How to book an appointment

If you do not wish to have a specific treatment or assessment, there is no need to book – just pop in. You can have an initial chat and take away relevant literature and nutritional information.

To book an appointment for treatment or assessment Call us on 01359 408 011. Alternatively, you can email us through the website via the contact page which is also confidential. Please note, Tracey is also available on days outside of the clinic days specified.

If you have any queries or you are not sure if the MLD Clinic could be the right thing for you, call us. We can provide a free 15-minute telephone consultation, at a time that suits you.

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