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Local election results & summary 2019 – Suffolk*

Local election results & summary 2019 – Suffolk*

Politics in the UK is fractured, more so than ever since the 2016 EU referendum, and the local election results across the UK in 2019 certainly demonstrate the fracturing of traditional political support. Across the country, the main two parties have suffered significant losses, although the Conservatives fared worse, with many political commentators believing that this is a reflection of the inability of both the Conservatives and Labour to deliver Brexit. Alongside this, votes for smaller groups could demonstrate the support for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal. Nationwide, the Conservatives lost 1,330 seats whilst Labour lost 84. The Liberal Democrats were the biggest winners with 704 new councillors and the Greens also did well with 194 new council seats.

Despite some mergers in Suffolk, creating the new West Suffolk and East Suffolk Councils, the results in the county reflected those of the national picture, with the Greens and independents faring strongly. An overview of the national picture is below:

The full summary document can be downloaded here.

Article by Suffolk Chamber