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Local businessmen going for the century

Local businessmen going for the century

Haverhill based accountant Paul Donno, from 1 Accounts Online, and Daniel and James Pilley, owners of Nine Jars Bistro and Bar, have teamed up to undertake a cycling challenge in support of the charity, Little People UK.


The trio will be undertaking the Prudential Ride London to Surrey 100 on Sunday 29th July.  The 100 mile race follows the same route made famous by the world’s best cyclists in the London 2012 Olympics.  The challenge starts at the Queen Elizabeth Park and will take the riders through the centre of London before heading out into the Surrey countryside and finally crossing the finish line in the Mall.


Little People UK is a national charity that provides help and support to people with all types of dwarfism.  It was co-founded in 2012 by the actor Warwick Davis and his wife Sammy.  Paul has been a supporter of the charity since the outset as his youngest daughter Katie has a form of dwarfism called hypochondroplasia. Little People UK have supported Katie and the family through many of the challenges and prejudices that they have had to overcome.


Paul is celebrating his 50th birthday in August and wanted to do something memorable to mark the momentous occasion. He explains, “In my head I still feel about 21 so starting 2018 and knowing that I would be hitting 50 was an incentive to challenge myself!


The London to Surrey 100 seemed like the perfect event.  Having done the London to Paris bike ride, which was 300 miles, I didn’t think it would be too much of a problem.  Once I had gone for my first training session I remembered that London to Paris was something I did in my late thirties and that I now needed to invest in some new Lycra!”


When family friend, Daniel Pilley, found out about Paul’s challenge he was keen to be involved and encouraged his son James to join the team.  Daniel and James are novices when it comes to cycling but as soon as their entries were accepted they invested in new bikes, complete with accessories.


Daniel comments, “We might be lacking in experience but we definitely look the part! James and I both find it difficult to say no to a challenge. We are naturally quite competitive but I think on this occasion we will be happy to finish the course and will be doing our best to avoid chaffing and road rash!


On a serious note, Little People UK is a very worthy cause. Since our friendship with Paul and his family we have become more aware of the difficulties that people with dwarfism have to contend with, on a physical and emotional level.”



Paul has set an ambitious fundraising target of £2000 – if you would like to support Paul please donate via his Just Giving page. (  Daniel and James have set a goal of £1000 – you can make a donation via the Nine Jars Just Giving page. (

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