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Leadership & Life Chat - Positive mental health and wellbeing in business, with Louise Newby

Leadership & Life Chat - Positive mental health and wellbeing in business, with Louise Newby

This week, James and Mark look back on their chat with Louise Newby, and how their conversation on mental health and wellbeing is still just as relevant now as it was back in November 2020, on their Impromptu Business Chat series. They also reflect on how this episode inspired them to put together their own Men’s Mental Health Special, in July 2021.

We pull out and reflect on some highlights from the original episodes and discuss how they are relevant now when considering how to improve our leadership skills. In the clips they discuss the potential wider impact of remote working on our mental health. Whilst these insights were very much influenced by COVID, the benefit of hindsight now, and the fuller picture of the future of how we will work mean that Louise’s insights were very perceptive and relevant, moving forwards. She also discusses Parkinson’s Law, proactive Employee Assistance Programmes in businesses, and the power of positive affirmation.

James and Mark also reflect on their Men’s Mental Health Special, and the positive influence of their mentor Dr Chris Mason (also a previous Impromptu Business Chat guest) on their wellbeing, and encourage men to seek help where possible, even if it’s not in a professional capacity.

Louise is an experienced educator, and expert in the world of mental health, with a Master’s degree from Cambridge, and now works with Three Eggs, a mental health training provider.

TRIGGER WARNING – this episode contains mention of suicide

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