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Ipswich vision priorities – 2019

Ipswich vision priorities – 2019

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce in Greater Ipswich is part of Ipswich Vision and fully supports the body’s new priorities.

Catherine Johnson, chair of Suffolk Chamber in Greater Ipswich, has issued the following statement in support of Ipswich Vision backing any future opportunity to achieve city staus:

“Survey after survey shows that the greater Ipswich area is a great place for businesses – whether they be start-ups or long-established corporates. The Ipswich Vision aim to secure city status for the current county town reflects this dynamism and our future confidence in Ipswich taking full advantage of its location between the rest of the UK and the world.

“As a city, Ipswich would be in an even stronger position than at present to tell its story of dynamism and success to the world.”

Article by Suffolk Chamber